Hi 👋, I'm László.

Software Engineer. Web Developer. Cloud Enthusiast.

About Me

I'm a 24 year old software developer from Transylvania. Having lived in Romania, the Czech Republic, Austria, Finland, and most recently, Italy, making sense out of the unknown is not new to me.
I spend most of my free time outdoors, climbing on rocks, scaling mountains on foot or skis, looking for something extreme to get my blood boiling. But sometimes I just enjoy sipping on some specialty coffee while tinkering with new technologies, watching a good movie, or reading a book.

My Journey

  1. 🎓Started my Bachelor's in Computer Science

    Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

  2. 🐱‍💻HackTGM

    Won the prize of "Intelligence in Software" at the HackTGM Hackathon with my colleagues. Later we collaborated with one of the partner companies to bring the product idea to life, kicking off my journey into web development.

  3. 💻Web Developer Internship

    I've spent two months as a web developer intern at Lynx Solutions.
    I designed and developed a RESTful API for a large user base, managed CI/CD pipelines, set up staging and production environments. Developed applications using Laravel, Node, SocketIO frameworks.

  4. 🎓Obtained BSc in Computer Science

    In the summer I've graduated, obtaining my dimploma in Computer Science.
    During this period, I've spend two semesters abroad with the Erasmus+ scholarship, studying at the Charles University of Prague and Johannes Kepler University of Linz.

  5. 💻Freelance Web Developer

    I've started working as a freelancer, and during the next two years I've worked on a number of commercial projects involving planning, tech architecture, delivery, and support for projects which include features such as online auction, web-shop, presentation site with online payment, invoicing, and content management.
    Our tech stack: Laravel, MySQL, Vue.js, Redis, SocketIO, Docker, AWS

  6. 🎓Started my Master's Degree

    Decided that I wanted to expand my area of expertise and I started the EIT Digital Master School.
    Major: Cloud and Network Infrastructures
    For my first year I studied at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland.

  7. 🎓Second year of MSc

    After completing the first year and summer-school, I've moved to Trento, Italy to study at Trento University for my final year.
    I've gained a lot of technical knowledge regarding network and cloud technologies, media delivery, high performance computing, big data platforms, and many more.
    Additionally, we had to complete a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which provided a lot of insight into the world of business side and startups.

  8. 🚀The next step...


Commercial projects


Company presentation websites, with landing page, CMS, multi-language, job application portal, blog, etc.


Custom-made online shop platform for prescription safety glasses, where customers can configure their order.

Online auction

Project for an art gallery with online shop and auction platform.

All our projects are custom-made for the clients, to facilitate a personalized experience and optimal performance. For further information, references, examples, and quotas please get in contact: laszlo@laszlo-nagy.com

Open Source projects

Automated Network Deployment

Python based script that generates a Vagrant configuration file based on user input to create a network topology with virtual machines, switches and routers with configurable bandwidth and network delay.

see on github

Collaborative Whiteboard

Whiteboard application where users can interact in real-time. Features include drawing, sticky notes, image upload, and many others. Implemented with NodeJS and SocketIO.

see on github

COVID-19 Tracker

Interactive dashboard, aggregating COVID-19 data and displaying it in trend visualizing graphs, for the whole world and each country. Developed with the Laravel framework, deployed on AWS EC2.

see on github

Get in touch

Alternatively, you can reach me through:

📨 laszlo@laszlo-nagy.com
📞 +40 740 015 554